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"I'm a total massage addict and can safely say that Ali is the most professional, talented and caring massage therapist I've the pleasure of encountering thus far. With a phenomenal amount of core strength and positive energy I can't recommend her enough. On top of that, she's an awesome chef with a good dose of creativity.
My girlfriend and I treated ourselves to Massage + A Meal  on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Side effects include infectious smiling, full muscular relaxation and an everlasting sense of contentment."
am utterly thrilled to bring my dream to life by combining my two main passions: remedial massage therapy intertwined with potent reiki energetic rebalancing AND nutrient-dense, seasonal, local, soul food... May I proudly present to you

Massage + A Meal

I strive to offer a service that I would absolutely love to receive myself and, quite frankly, this is my ultimate dream!
Allow me to set the scene;
You're in the comfort of your home, I arrive fully equipped; massage table, soft fluffy throws. I swiftly set up in a quiet space in your home and in no time at all you're relaxing onto the table receiving your deep tissue remedial massage.
Your blissfully soothing treatment is a delightful blend of deep pressure and relaxing strokes, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and reiki energy healing. By the end of the treatment you are physically revived and soothed, mentally unwound with more clarity, emotionally and spiritually balanced..
You take all the time you need on the warm comfortable table after the treatment as you need to ground yourself whilst I quickly get to work in the kitchen. I pre-prepared most of the food just in advance so minimal preparation in your kitchen is required; your starter will be waiting for you as soon as you are off the treatment table, the nourishing balanced delicious main course will be cooking away and dessert ready in the fridge to enjoy at your leisure followed by a lovingly blended herbal tisane and a raw chocolate..
I clear away all my equipment as quickly and quietly as possible, leaving no mess and barely any dishes to wash-up so you can enjoy your delicious meal in peace, quiet and calm..... pure heaven!
"The ultimate self-care - total replenishment, letting go and nurturing in the comfort of my own home, with my best friend, and to cap it all off, with the most delicious, sensational and healthy food ever."
The M+M evening was as good as we expected! A wonderful nourishing evening of massage and delicious healthy food. It was a great way to spend an evening with my wife, a special and self-caring experience for both of us together. Thank you Ali :-)
Who this would be suitable for;
Couples, friends, new parents, a gift for someone special, celebrating a wedding, anniversary, promotion, mothers/fathers day, Christmas, birthday or similar. It's payday, it's the weekend... or maybe just because who wouldn't want a Nurturing massage + a meal in the comfort of their home?!
What a wonderful day with you yesterday Ali. The massage was heavenly, the food was divine and abundant, and prepared with so much thought, skill are care. To enjoy both in my own home meant that I stayed zen like for the rest of the day and am still feeling super calm the next day. I felt very spoilt! This is the epitome of the radical self-care philosophy that I teach to my clients. 
Massage + A Meal
Sample Menu

Cucumber No-jito Mocktail 


Walnut + Beetroot hummus, dukka, crudités


Seasonal pesto marinated salmon, served en papillote
~ or ~
Caramelised spring onion, almond crust tartlet w/goats cheese | toasted pumpkin seeds [vg]
Green salad with tricolour quinoa with a zingy herb vinaigrette
Seasonal vegetable fritters
Labneh of the month


Seasonal fruit dreamcake with a rich fruit compote [vg]


Herbal tisane + Nurture raw chocolate

Note: all food is gluten + refined sugar free. 100% vegan option available.
Fish is MSC certified. All food made with LOVE

​"I found the experience to be flawless,... Amazing, relaxing, mind blowing."